Chapter 1 The Indian Constitution

Chapter 2 Understanding Secularism

Chapter 3 Why do we need a Parliament

Chapter 4 Understanding Laws

Chapter 5 Judiciary

Chapter 6 Understanding the Criminal Justice System

Chapter 7 Understanding Marginalisation

Chapter 8 Confronting Marginalisation

Chapter 9 Public Facilities

Chapter 10 Law and Social Justice

Chapter 1 How, When & Where

Chapter 2 From Trade to Territory The company establishes power

Chapter 3 Ruling the Countryside

Chapter 4 Tribals, Dikuss and the Vision of a Golden Age

Chapter 5 When People Rebel 1857 and After

Chapter 6 Weavers, Iron Smelters and Factory Owners

Chapter 7 Civilising the Native, Educating the Nation

Chapter 8 Women, Caste and Reform

Chapter 9 The Making of National Movement: 1870 – 1947

Chapter 10 India After Independence

Chapter 1 Resources

Chapter 2 Land, Soil, Water, Natural Vegetation & Wild Life Resources

Chapter 3 Mineral & Power

Chapter 4 Agriculture

Chapter 5 Industries

Chapter 6 Human Resources

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